Video: Harp Music

"It relaxes me," says Dene Bish, of James Excell's Celtic folk harp music. "It alleviates my headaches, reduces tension, tremors and rigidity. Often the effects will last through the evening, until I go to sleep." Bish suffers from Multiple Systems Atrophy and is under hospice care in her home. She looks forward to weekly visits from Excell.

Video by Betty Udesen, taken in Talent, Oregon.

Video: Rivoli Theatre Mural

Photo by Marc Arnaud Boussat

Photo by Marc Arnaud Boussat

Part of our goal for the Project Dayshoot + 30 event was to use technology that was far less prevalent and easy to use in 1983. So we added video to the project, and our participating videographers did some great work. Marc Arnaud Boussat captured mural painters in action at the corner of D and 6th Street in Grants Pass. They are working on a beautiful mural of the Rivoli Theatre, which operated in Grants Pass from the 1920s through the 1950s.

Video by Marc Arnaud Boussat